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Robin Hoods Bay

A short walk down the coast from Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay is a perfect destination for a summer walk. Situated on the Cleveland Way, there are both coastal and farmland routes available, as well as plenty of shops selling ice creams!

The origin of the name is uncertain, and it is doubtful if Robin Hood was ever in the vicinity. The bay may be called Robin Hood's Bay, because of the English ballad said according to legend, Robin Hood went out in his fishing trip and he encountered pirates who came to pillage the fisherman's boat. He got the French pirates to surrender and returned the goods that the pirates had robbed during the plundering of the northeast coast of England to the poor peoples. Robin Hood returned home to his Merry Men from his trip of fighting the pirates and gave the pirates' loot to the poor people of the village of the bay that is now called Robin Hood's Bay.

A view around Robin Hoods Bay